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Something different, every day.

BaByliss is a world-leading manufacturer of hair and beauty products for both home and professional use.

Every year, 30 million electrical products and 500 million accessories and hairbrushes are sold globally in more than 80 countries. BaByliss focuses on innovations with the goal that consumers should be able to style themselves as professionals.
Babyliss PRO FOILFX02 4ARTISTS ShaverBabyliss PRO FOILFX02 4ARTISTS Shaver
Babyliss PRO FOILFX02 4ARTISTS Shaver
1,249.99 kr 1,499.99 kr -16%
Babyliss GoldFX Clipper 4Artists FX8700GEBabyliss GoldFX Clipper 4Artists FX8700GE
Babyliss GoldFX Clipper 4Artists FX8700GE
1,649.99 kr 1,949.99 kr -15%Sold out

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