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Showers can be pure magic. You know what we’re talking about. The best bath products can also make a difference: They create those moments when you’re sudsing up and suddenly have a brilliant idea. Or you’re granted clarity on a problem that’s been weighing you down. Or maybe you turn on the faucet feeling impossibly weary, only to step out feeling refreshed and clearheaded.

With that in mind, our need for the best bath products and hygiene products has never been stronger. For our Healthy Beauty Awards, we put a mountain of body washes, soaps, deodorants, razors, and more to the test to help you care for yourself, head to toe.
Bath Sponge
Bath Sponge
34.99 kr 49.99 kr -30%Sold out
Marseillais  Shower & Bath Gel Organic Orange and Grapefruit - 650ml
Marseillais Shower & Bath Gel...
39.99 kr 49.99 kr -20%

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